Saturday, October 25, 2008

Charlie the Sock Puppet

I've finally figured out how to get the pictures put into posts...YAY!!!! Now the fun can truly begin. I've had this post written for quite some time...and now you can all read it in it's completed and all.

I know...I know. You've all been waiting somewhat impatiently to hear all about this sock puppet named Charlie. Well...ladies and gentlemen...I would like to introduce you to.....


Little Miss Izzo was having a bit of a rough day, so I had the bright idea of distracting her with this sock puppet. I made him my sophomore year at Northwestern for a Theology group project (we did a puppet show). I wasn't using him, so I wasn't worried about him getting dirty or having pieces torn off or even getting lost. He was a HUGE hit!!!! Later I asked Izzo if she thought he needed a name. She said yes and then proudly declared, "His name is Charlie! That's a silly name!" This was followed with lots of giggling.

Here is Izzo...

The Puppet Master!!

A couple days later, she acquired a small plastic and fabric bouquet of purple flowers. They slowly transformed from being a "birthday present" for "Mimi Hoppy Bull Frog" to being Charlie's food. One by one, she pulled each flower off of it's stem and placed it with an excited grin into Charlie's mouth. Charlie, who is normally brought to life by my hand and silly voice, chews it up and promptly and loudly spits the flower back out. The cycle continues.

Oh the joys of being a child, when the simplest things can bring hours of entertainment.


Friday, October 24, 2008


I get to see her tomorrow in Sioux City...and I'm just a bit excited!! I was talking to my friend Jill in class today and she told me she and our other friend Sarah are going to see Palin tomorrow. Then she asked if I wanted to go...of course I she checked with Sarah...and they had an EXTRA TICKET!!!! Oh, this is exciting.

I'll try to get some good shots and post them up here if I can.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Taking the Plunge

This weekend, I am going on and Urban Plunge mission trip to Omaha with a group of students from my school. (We're leaving in just under an hour!!!) I am really excited about this weekend.
We will be spending time working with 8 or 9 different ministries which make an impact on different urban issues (i.e. the homeless, those in prison, children coming from single-parent or poor households, etc.) So it will be a very packed weekend for me. My hope is that through this trip I will learn to see things, people and issues in particular, through God's eyes. That I would be transformed and become truly passionate about the things that God is passionate about, and that my heart would be stirred. I'm excited to be out of my comfort zone, even for such a short period of time. I plan on keeping a journal of sorts for the weekend, whenever I get a chance to jot down a thing or I'll let you know how it all goes.

It is our midterm break this weekend, so we won't be back until Monday afternoon. And then Tuesday, I'm spending all day in and ESL (English as a Second Language) Kindergarten classroom in Sioux City. I am super excited about that too. I get to spend the whole day with children, and I get to glean information and teaching strategies, and maybe a few resources, from an amazing teacher.

I hope you are all blessed in whatever you have going on for the weekend. I'll update you after I get back and debrief a bit.


P.S. There is still a blog coming about the amazing and incredible Charlie the Sock Puppet. I really want to include pictures for you, but I'm having some trouble. So once that is all figured out, it will be here for your reading enjoyment.