Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Live, Laugh, Love

Over used phrase...I know, I know. But if you think about it, it's really a good motto for life. You have to live the life you have, and things aren't always going to go as you thought they were. They may go terribly wrong. But I've realized that it is so much easier to find something to laugh at in the situation than it is to pout and complain and stress. Once you're in a better mind frame, you can probably come up with a solution to whatever problem you may have. Then, when you have your new plan, you can go on living life again.

And love, I don't think life is really worth living if you don't have love. Love from God, love from family, love from friends, love from that special someone :) Love from anyone, and for anyone. I think the Beatles got it right when they said, "all you need is love" :D

On a fun note, wedding plans may begin to progress soon (sooooo exciting). A date could be decided on in the very near keep your eyes and ears open.

The third week of school is half way done!!! And I only have 5 more class periods of Art for Elementary Education (a 3 hour class on Wednesday nights...ick!!!!!) Super-duper excited for that one, for sure. All of this means I am that much closer to going home.

I know it's hard to imagine for all my family and friends in big cities...but life is never dull in small town of Orange City. There's always school work, and my two campus jobs to keep me busy...And then there's living in a house with two small children whom I love as if they were my niece and nephew...oh so entertaining :D I'll dedicate a blog sometime in the future to stories about my Izzo and Truby...they're lots of fun.

Sleep is now calling my name...class at 7:45 in the morning kinda puts a dent in what most people would call the normal sleep patterns of a college student. But I guess, in reality, I should be transitioning out of that sleep pattern anyways (not that I ever really conformed to it in the first place). And now I'm going to cease my ramblings and put an end to this post. Hope it finds you all doing well.



jeremyandgirls said...

Embrace every ounce of sleep you can muster. Once you're married, and then throw kids in the mix - you'll begin to wonder what sleep used to feel like. At some point last night, both the girls were in our bed. Jeremy retreated to Kenna's room to sleep at about 2am, and at about 4am, I mosied on downstairs to the couch. They are such bed hogs! I'm truly not complaining too much, because for the past 2 nights of being up at 4 due to them - I've been able to knock out some serious reading of my near and dear book! : ) Sooo...maybe a thanks to them is in order..? ;D xoxo

twoofsevengreat said...

That a girl with the positive attitude. It is that attitude that serves as your bridge over deep valleys as you travel from peak to peak.