Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life at Home

I've been neglecting my blog for a little too long. For that, I apologize.

To fill you in on what's been happening, I am now at home. And what an adventure that turned out to be. I ended up being stuck overnight in the Omaha Airport the night I was supposed to fly home because of freezing rain. Luckily I had a friend with whom to pass away the long hours. I finally got home Friday morning, around 10:45, and headed straight to my chiropractor (a night on a concrete floor doesn't do my back much good). From there, we headed home to drop off my luggage (which I had to pay for twice...grrrr) and then off to the oral surgeon to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Welcome home Tammy!!! I really can't complain though. I healed very quickly, and was off of the pain meds after only a day and a half (and I didn't turn into a swollen chipmunk).

Since then, I've worked a couple days, and served my jury duty without having to report :D

We had our family Christmas party this past Monday, which is always a ton of fun. Josh and grandpa entertained again this year with their tradition of giving each other wacky, maybe inappropriate, and very funny gifts. I got to see little Cooper, who isn't so little as I had remembered. I can't believe he's almost a year already!! And Carson and Brianna are growing like mad as well. I'm so glad that I get to be home to watch them grow and to spend time with them.

Christmas Eve brought 3 services for me...yes, 3. I'm used to 5, so it was a little strange, but it was nice at the same time.

Christmas day was really good. We opened presents in the morning, and then just spent the day hanging out as a family. It was really relaxing. Then my mom, brother and I headed to my fiance's house to spend some time and have Christmas dinner with them.

I finally finished unpacking and putting my clothes away yesterday. I can only handle complete chaos in my room for so long. Oh...and I finished reading 2:20 this morning. I was reading in my bed, getting ready to settle in for the night, and then the book took a very exciting turn (April, I know you know which part I'm talking about) and there was NO WAY I could put it down until I was done. I tried to pretend like it wasn't that great when I started the book, but I will admit, I am totally hooked!!!

And with that, I must leave you. I'll fill you in again soon.


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jeremyandgirls said...

Muah ha ha ha!!! I've managed to lure in another unsuspecting person!! My evil deed is almost done... only three more people to go!

HAHAH!! I'm soo glad you liked it!! I told you it was good!!

**Let me forewarn you on book two - I don't think it was as good as the first, but you need to just hang in there and get through it. It turns out pretty good. The other books wouldn't make any sense if you skipped book two. Let me know how it goes! Happy reading!!